Vacancies at Pace

Are you interested in a career with the lead national charity working alongside parents of children who are, or at risk of being, sexually exploited? Have a look at our current vacancies.

Parent Liaison Officer (Kirklees)

We are looking for someone to work with multi-agency partners tackling child sexual exploitation across Kirklees, to act as an independent source of support and contact for parents whose children are being sexually exploited, and to liaise between statutory agencies and families in order to maximise the ability of all parties to safeguard a child a risk of, or being sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family.

Volunteer Befrienders

Befrienders need empathic listening skills. This involves the befriender fully engaging themselves into an active listening role in order to support the parent. Parents may at times be distressed and you will need to be skilled in dealing with people in this situation.