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The Pace parent forum is a secure space for parents to support each other and share experiences and information.

The forum is a safe, private space that is hosted within our website.

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Already a member? Log in here. Use of the forum is subject to our terms and conditions, privacy policy and confidentiality policy. For more information, please contact us or talk to one of our parent support workers.

What parents say about the forum

“I am able to have a sounding board with other parents, receive and offer support. We all have times when we are down and “out of energy” it is at these times when we need each other most.”

“It’s non-judgemental and safe and secure – also good for a rant or just a chat.”

“It has been a valuable introduction for me and has given me no end of support.”

“Please join. Someone on there may just have the piece of advice that will help you turn a corner. Also, you need support from people who know how it feels.”

Is the forum safe?

We are committed to ensuring that this resource is secure. We have minimised risks of using the forum by:

  • Vetting all members before they are able to access the forum
  • Making forum content available to registered users only
  • Keeping profile information to a minimum
  • Enabling members to choose a pseudonym if they wish to remain anonymous
  • Putting strong terms and conditions in place requiring users to refrain from posting personal information that might be used to identify individuals.

We are confident that these measures greatly minimise any risk in participating in the forum and hope that parents feel fully safe to contribute. Parents can further reduce any risk by using a non-identifiable email address and a pseudonym, as well as being mindful when posting.

More information

If you would like more information on the forum, please contact us.

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