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Pace has a long history of working collaboratively with the police and social services and looks forward to further cooperation with more agencies.

Why work with us

As the Office of the Children’s Commissioner notes, the majority of sexually exploited children live at home. [OCC, 2012] This means that parents are normally the first to spot the signs that something is wrong and are often unwitting possessors of vital forensic evidence to assist perpetrator identification and prosecution.

Parents are also in a unique position to give unparalleled support to their child and enable them to take the decision to disclose the abuse, enhancing positive outcome from all agency perspectives.

Whether you work in the police, social care or voluntary sectors, working with Pace can help your agency implement parent-friendly practices which can increase the chances of keeping affected children safe and exiting exploitative relationships. We are particularly adept at finding solutions to ease tension resulting from the exploitation between the parent and affected child, and in enabling parents to assist police investigations to produce robust evidence. We also have expertise in supporting families whose child may be required to testify in court; as evidence shows that parental support is key to securing justice.

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