Bespoke CSE training for professionals.

All of our training is delivered by frontline Pace staff and affected parents. Our course content is informed by over 21 years’ experience of working in CSE

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Available subjects for bespoke training

We can deliver training to your team in your workplace on a wide variety of CSE-related topics.

You can create your own bespoke training package based on the needs of your organisation and your staff. Below are examples of some of the subjects we offer, which you can include in your package.

Can’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to help you create a tailored solution for your team.

Pricing is dependent on length of training and number of delegates. We will work with you to help make the most of your budget.

Working with a relational safeguarding model

Examine current difficulties in the child protection model when applied to CSE.

Gain an overview of the guidance and research that indicates the child protection model is ineffective for this form of abuse.

Learn about the relational safeguarding model as an alternative to the child protection model, and its benefits that have been evidenced in co-located multi-agency settings.

Understand the difficulties a family face when their child is being sexually exploited, the impact agency response has on this and the disempowering effects of CSE.

Hear from affected parents about their personal journey and the messages they wish to share with other parents and professionals.

Understand the different models of grooming, current trends and barriers to support and national examples of good practice in working with CSE

Understanding trauma

Gain understanding of a victim’s response to threat, trauma bonding and subsequent issues around disclosure and recall.

Learn techniques in how to support a victim and other family members so they can develop strategies for when a trauma response is triggered.

Discover the importance of pre-trial therapy, the myths around when therapy can be undertaken and the benefits of pre-trial therapy.

Working with marginalised communities

Gain insight into barriers faced by marginalised communities when accessing support for CSE.

Examine research and response to findings around what is best practice.

Hear a parent’s experience of services as a father from a marginalised community.

Discover what resources for specialist support.

Investigation/court support/disruption

Gain an understanding of the investigation process and how parents can be supported to gather information which can lead to prosecutions.

Identify disruption strategies including civil actions and practical support.

Review sexual harm prevention orders (SHPO), community protection orders, trafficking legalisation and intelligence gathering.

Hear about real-life successes in disrupting offenders and how this allows the child/family to access support needed.

Review the judicial process and the support needed through this by families.

Understand sentencing explanations, rights to review and CICA applications.

Recording of information

Review the impact that language recorded about victims and families can have on court cases, child protection proceedings and professional perception.

Examine commonly used victim-blaming language, reflect on cultural norms within services to rely on taglines to describe risk and explore alternative language to accurately record risks.

Online Abuse

Review current trends in apps most popular with both young people and offenders.

Understand how apps and social media are currently being used and the safeguards that can be put in place.

Take away mobile and internet safety plans for use with families.

If you’d like to create a bespoke package of training from the options above, or have specific requests of your own, contact us to discuss your requirements.