Develop your understanding about child exploitation with our new webinar series. These filmed presentations are delivered by our subject matter experts who manage front-line support for families affected by child exploitation.

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#1 Introduction to Child Exploitation

Using case studies and current best practise we explore the key themes around child exploitation; how offenders groom children, what signs to be aware of and the importance of non-judgemental, compassionate support for affected families.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how children are criminally and sexually exploited
  • Understand the process of grooming
  • Appreciate the the implications of victim blaming
  • Know how to raise concerns


#2 Impact of Child Exploitation

This webinar examines in detail how behaviours of offenders impact the victim and their families and highlights why a trauma-informed, family-centered approach to child exploitation is critical to effective safeguarding.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how child exploitation affects victims and their families
  • Develop an understanding about offender behaviour
  • Understand the different trauma responses a victim, parent and family members may experience

#3 Disruption of Child Exploitation

Former Detective Sergeant, Mark Whelan explores in detail what information the police need to convict offenders, what strategies can be used to disrupt child exploitation and how to improve existing safeguarding measures.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how police use and gather evidence
  • Understand in detail what legislation can be used to disrupt offenders
  • Improve your ability to create holistic safeguarding plans

#4 Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery

Former Detective Sergeant, Mark Whelan uses statistics, legislation and case studies to present how and why people are exploited into modern day slavery including an in-depth look at the grooming process.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what modern day slavery is
  • Understand how to spot the signs
  • Understand the act, means and purpose behind modern day slavery
  • Understand how to report and respond to concerns

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