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Aravinda Kosaraju

Welcome back to Aravinda, our new trustee

A very warm welcome back to Aravinda Kosaraju. Aravinda was one of the first employees at Pace in 2005, as Research and Policy Officer. She is now joining us as a trustee, bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience.  We caught up with Aravinda about her PhD, research and coming back to Pace. Tell us a little about your experience … Continued

World Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

Mental Health Awareness Day 2021

Lindsay Dalton talks about the impact child exploitation on parents’ mental health this World Mental Health Awareness Day. “Child exploitation and mental health isn’t spoken about enough, we want to say to parents today that you are not to blame and you are not alone, there is help and support out there for you.”

Parents in Sports Week 2020

Parents in Sports Week 2020

As part of Parents in Sports Week 2020, Lindsay Dalton talks to parents about what safeguarding checks they can do themselves to keep children safe in their sports groups and activities. Parent Safeguarding Workshop Thursday 6th October, 6 – 6.45pm As part of Parents in Sports Week, join us for a free parent workshop to … Continued

Parent Advice

How a father’s journey with Children’s Social Care Services has transformed into a lasting partnership

Interview with affected father, Buckinghamshire How are you making a difference in your local area regarding CSE? As a parent whose child was sexually exploited, I’m included within the Children’s Safeguarding Boards sub-group for child exploitation (CE). I support the training of professionals alongside a CE partnership across my local authority. I have regular conversations … Continued

How are offenders of child exploitation adapting to COVID-19?

Listen to Lindsay Dalton, Pace Head of Training and Partnerships talking about how offenders of child exploitation are adapting to COVID-19. “Raising awareness about child exploitation won’t stop offenders from targeting children, but it can help us as professionals to recognise signs and indicators that a child is being exploited.”

Remaining connected from a distance

Due to the tenacity of our employees and the continued support of our funders we are proud to say that our doors at Pace remain very much open. Our guiding principle throughout this period is to ensure we maintain support for parents and families at this critical time in their lives. Enforced physical isolation for … Continued

Parents of sexually exploited children call for reforms in Social Care Services

Parents are calling for a quicker response when a referral is made, and the development of positive relationships between Children’s Social Care services and the families they support. These are the main findings of new research carried out by national child exploitation charity Parents Against Child Exploitation (Pace), among parents of sexually exploited children in … Continued

We must listen

We commend the bravery of families involved in the recent Huddersfield and Rotherham trials and all families affected by child sexual exploitation. The families we work alongside across the UK have worked tirelessly to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice, and to safeguard their children. There are so many families who have been let … Continued

A star jumps down to Earth

Congratulations to our very brave supporter Ami-Lou who completed a sky dive from 15,000 feet in August to fundraise for Pace. “As soon as my feet touched the ground I wanted to do it all over again” Ami-Lou worked as an Actor with a theater company performing productions to raise awareness about CSE to young … Continued

3 Peaks for Pace

Lou McCallion, Digital Communications Officer at Pace shares why she raised money for Pace this summer.   My induction at Pace proved to be a steep and very sad learning curve.   I thought that Pace would have a magic wand, that when parents contacted our helpline, they would be able to put an instant stop to children being sexually abused and exploited; that the child … Continued

Raising awareness about child sexual exploitation in my community

Ann Page, Early Help School Support Advisor, Walsall Council Having worked with young people in Walsall for many years I knew it was really important to try and improve the awareness about the prevalence and impact of child sexual exploitation in our local community. Last year I attended a Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) … Continued

Parents keep fighting for their child

In celebration of National Volunteers Week, we are sharing the voices of our volunteer befrienders. Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) volunteer befrienders play a vital role in delivering Pace’s goal: to work with parents to end child sexual exploitation. Here, a volunteer befriender talks to Pace about their role, and the determination and resilience … Continued

The reason I volunteer is to make a difference

In celebration of National Volunteers Week, we are sharing the voices of our volunteer befrienders. Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) volunteer befrienders play a vital role in delivering Pace’s goal: to work with parents to end child sexual exploitation. Here, a volunteer befriender talks to Pace about their role and how it helps affected … Continued

The gift of listening

Listening is often a great gift you can give someone. You are changing their reality and providing a space for them to gather themselves and become resilient. Volunteer befrienders come from all walks of life, we have academics, counsellors, affected family members, social workers, teachers retired people. They are all ages and from diverse cultural … Continued

Multi-agency child sexual exploitation team marks its ten-year anniversary

A multi-agency child sexual exploitation team working in partnership with families to disrupt abuse, convict perpetrators and protect children at risk is marking its ten-year anniversary. The Engage team is one of three multi-agency child sexual exploitation (CSE) teams working across Lancashire and comprises a range of agencies and organisations including the Police, Social Care, … Continued

Supporting and working alongside parents is vital

“I don’t know what that woman who is working with my Mum is doing, but tell her thank you” Recent feedback from a CSE survivor shows the vital work Pace have done in enabling parents to understand CSE which, in turn, helps them not to blame their child or themselves. The feedback from a survivor … Continued