Social Care impact upon families affected by CSE

Saturday’s parent forum meeting reminded us yet again of both the resilience and drive of the parents that we support. Despite their stories, the parents were determined to make their voices heard and instigate change.

The meeting marked the first day of an important piece of research that has been requested by both parents and staff at Pace. Thanks to support from DMSS Research, we have started to conduct a landmark investigation into the impact of social care response on families affected by CSE.

The day involved two focus groups with affected parents, where we discussed the impact of social care responses on both family dynamics and the safeguarding of children. The discussions were varied, given the wide variety of experiences in the room. However there was an overriding message of the current system not fitting them or their circumstances, and a strong desire to make it work better for other families affected by child sexual exploitation.

We have a long way to go to with this research and expect to publish results in the autumn. But for the moment, one thing remains clear: lived experience, even when it comes from the darkest of places, has the power to influence, change and ignite. Those were the origins of Pace and remain at our core.

Gill Gibbons


For more information about how we work with parents to make change, read about our Parent Action Group:

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