County lines slang

Here are some words/terms that are commonly used when describing county lines activity. If you hear someone using these words, or notice them in text / social messages,  it could mean that they are involved in, or might know of county lines activity.

Cuckooing is when drug gangs take over the home of a vulnerable person through violence and intimidation, using it as their base for selling/manufacturing drugs.
Going Country / OT / Going Cunch
This is the most popular term that describes county lines activity. It can also mean the act of travelling to another city/town to deliver drugs or money.
The act of selling drugs. Trapping can refer to the act of moving drugs from one town to another or the act of selling drugs in one.
Trap House or Bando
A building used as a base from where drugs are sold (or sometimes manufactured). These houses usually are occupied by someone (usually adult drug users but sometimes young people are forced to stay in trap houses).
Trap Line
This refers to when someone owns a mobile phone specifically for the purpose of running and selling drugs.
This refers to opposition as in a rivalling neighbourhood gang.
This is where things have been concealed for transporting usually inserted into the rectum or vagina.
A drug dealer
A gram of illegal drugs
A quarter of an ounce of drugs

Have a look at The Children’s Society Slang Dictionary for a comprehensive guide about language used in county lines.