Parent participation update, July 2022

A huge welcome to you all! To know more about how parents and Pace have been working together to create change, or to get involved in future events – read on.

Upcoming events

September parent open group meetings

These meetings offer the opportunity for parents and carers to join together and focus on the kinds of actions we can take to create better safeguarding outcomes for children and young people and more effective and supportive responses to parents and families. These meetings take place via zoom or face to face.

There will be two online meetings in September 2022, one for parents and carers affected by child sexual exploitation and one for parents affected by child criminal exploitation.

Consultation opportunities

Tackling Child Exploitation (TCE) Programme
Pace has been approached about the possibility of creating a consultation with parents to include their views over the next few months. TCE is developing a set of practice principles for responding to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. This could involve taking part in a survey or being part of a focus group.

Supporting the development of an app with Shaping Ltd
Shaping Ltd is building an app to better safeguard children and young people online and would like to hold a focus group with Pace parents over the next few months.

Training with Pace

Due to parent interest, Pace is considering extending training to parents wishing to become Pace Champions and raise awareness of child exploitation in their communities in a way that protects anonymity. Dates to be confirmed.

Update on parent participation

A huge shout out of thanks to all the parents and carers who have worked alongside Pace over the last 6 months:

  • 2 parents contributed to a podcast with the contextual safeguarding network to highlight parent’s perspective.
  • 55 parents are signed onto the parent participation programme.
  • 5 parents are supporting the strategic management of Pace by acting as Pace Trustees.
  • 6 parents shared their views with North Yorkshire’s BeAware campaign
  • 3 parents offered unique insights to the ‘Eyes Open’ criminal exploitation campaign
  • Parents’ consultation with the University of Bedfordshire supported the Securing Safety publication- ‘Key things to consider for the out of area placement of a young person who is at risk of harm beyond their family home.’
  • Parents consulting with the national centre for statistics influenced the feasibility study of a national survey of child abuse
  • There have been two parent open group meetings. Parent’s contribution to previous parent open meetings has had the impact of Pace providing awareness raising webinars for parents across the county and Pace training Ofsted professionals.
  • Since January, parent guest speakers have supported seven of Pace’s advanced training events to 90 professionals.
  • Pace delivered training on the contextual safeguarding approach to harm outside the family to interested parents.

Towards Hope campaign

The parent led campaign ‘Towards Hope’ launched on child exploitation day, 18th March 2022. This includes an animation, the ‘Commitment to family friendly practice’ and guidance on how to support affected parents. Thanks to all involved in this and for the five parents who provided voice-overs. The animation took centre stage on our website homepage and we promoted the video to a host of partners, charities and commissioners. The video has featured twice in our monthly newsletter and we will continue to promote the video on our website and social media channels. The video has already been watched 2,381 times and was very well received by parents and professionals.

“The messages and values in this video resonate so deeply with us all at #TeamBradford”

Head of Service, Bradford

“Parents Against Child Exploitation have launched their new animation #TowardsHope which shines a light on the effect that CE can have on an entire family. Hear from the voices of victims and their families as they strive to uplift & educate others. Amazing”

Marie Collins Foundation

“It’s so important families are supported. As parents we were initially treated like criminals by children’s services when our daughter was groomed.”

Maggie Oliver Foundation

Both the animation and the Commitment to Family Friendly Practice feature on Pace’s new CCE & County Lines e-learning, hosted on Virtual College which will ensure both reach a wide audience.

A huge thank you to all of the parents who supporting the creation of the animation, it has been so well received.

Have a look at the impact our Parent Participation Programme had last year.

Please get in touch (  if you could like to get involved with any of our upcoming training, open groups and consultations.

Nancy Pike,
Parent Participation Coordinator