Parent Participation Update – July 2021

Over the past few months, parents have been meeting and planning the following activities:

Campaign to challenge victim blaming/change of focus

Parents have voiced that child and parent blaming continues to be widespread and impacts negatively on the kinds of protections, safeguarding and support offered. Our campaign hopes to highlight that any family can be affected, to highlight the needs and strengths of families, the methodology used by offenders and the way that communities and society often unknowingly support or collude with the justifications of offenders. This campaign will include videos, media articles and the experiences of parents being highlighted on Pace’s social media platforms.

Parents’ Charter
Parents have created a parents’ charter outlining the kinds of responses and interventions that families affected by all forms of child exploitation deserve. We are due to hold a working group to create a document for all multi agency teams to sign up to, outlining a shared ethos and approach to working with affected families. Our hope is that these documents will support the work of parent consultants as well as being promoted as good practice to external agencies.

Training front-line professionals
Parents have been sharing their lived experience with social workers, teachers, police and other agencies to improve their understanding about the impact of child exploitation and develop better practice supporting affected families. A huge thank you to all the parents working in partnership with Pace. This year:

* 4 parents affected by child exploitation have created newsletter articles
* Parents have met at 3 meetings to progress the parent campaign and consultancy plans
* 2 parents have been Guest Speakers on the Pace ACE and ACSEP training
* A parent has created an audio resource for online abuse
* A parent has created an audio resource regarding trauma
* 9 parents’ voices have been shared at the Exploitation 2021 Conference
* 4 parents are Pace trustees
* 8 parents have joined parent participation.

 “Pace should share their Ethical Protocol on parent participation more widely so that other agencies can follow this example when working with those with lived experiences- respect, acknowledgement, reimbursement, ensuring safety; this matters.’

Parent working alongside Pace as a guest speaker on training and as part of the Pace parent campaign and consultancy group.

“I didn’t think my candid account would have this effect on the (training) delegates. I’m very happy and also inspired that this happened. At the start of this, I didn’t think I’d be having a positive impact years later. Thank you for supporting me to get through this and give back.”

Parent supporting Pace training

Other news

A sad farewell to Pace CEO Gill Gibbons who will shortly be leaving us. A huge thanks to Gill for her massive contribution to Pace- she has steered us through many rocky waters! We wish her all the very best.

We will be welcoming Lindsay Dalton (currently Head of Partnerships, Development and Training and historically the first multi-agency co-located Pace parent support worker) as Pace’s interim CEO.
Pace are now delivering schools programmes in the first partnered areas of Hampshire, Lancashire and Merseyside.

Pace are offering foundation in education child exploitation training, Contextual Safeguarding combined with Pace’s Relational Safeguarding Model and parent sessions. We have also launched training about working alongside families living with trauma – this sold out within the first week. Also, due to demand, we developed and ran a pilot for online risks training.