Parents’ lived experience

Hear directly from other affected parents, how they coped, the fights they battled, the impact the exploitation has had on their lives and how they are rebuilding them.


Self-care tips
“It’s really important to remember that we will be dealing with the after-effects of CSE for years with our child, and so we need to approach our battle strategically.” Read on

Coping strategies

Nothing lasts forever – How I got out of the dark days
I felt very on my own when my son was being criminally exploited. Read on

Online abuse

We have the power to change things
My daughter was targeted for online abuse when she was 14 years old. Read on.

County lines

Stand your ground
At the time, I didn’t know that my son was being exploited through county lines. Read on.

Children’s social care services

Remember your power
“When dealing with all the agencies it’s easy to think you have no power, but you can hold on to the fact you are the professional when it comes to your child.” Read on

Always reply with love
“In the deepest, trying time of my life where I once had a home with love, laughter and joy, a dark and painful shadow entered our life.” Read on

How I coped when my daughter was removed from our home
“When my daughter was removed from me due to CSE I didn’t feel as if I had any control over the situation.” Read on

Communicating with your son / daughter

How I kept communication going with my sons – Holding on
It was heart-breaking to see the change in them and to not only feel like you are losing your child….Read on