Telephone support

If you are a parent with any concerns that your child is being sexually exploited or is at risk, please complete the form on our Contact Us page and a member of our National Parent Support team will get in touch.

We can talk through your immediate concerns, help you to assess the level of danger your child is in, and signpost you to agencies in your area who may be able to give you local support. We will aim to refer you to a specialist worker as soon as possible.

We can also equip you with information for notifying police and social care, and provide practical tips for logging information and gathering evidence. We can try to match you with a local volunteer befriender for further emotional support and let you know about any forthcoming events in which you can meet other parents in similar circumstances.

It is very important to realise at this stage that you are not alone.

“At last somebody else understood what I was going through and how I was feeling.”  Parent

“Your response has been empathic, calm and really helpful. You’re a fantastic listener and asked all the right questions. I now feel with Pace support I can go forwards and make life easier within my family”.  Parent