Become a champion for Pace

Do you passionately believe in the importance of raising awareness about child sexual exploitation in your local area? We are looking for professionals committed to safeguarding children to work alongside us and help us in the fight against cse.

Free accredited CSE training

All of our champions will receive a free “Train the Trainer – Community Briefings” course. This will equip you with the skills to raise awareness about CSE to your organisation and local community.

We can also provide you with resources to deliver this training and advice about how to get your message out to the widest audience.

Sharing your expertise

We will arrange meet ups with other Pace Champions across the UK to give you the opportunity to share your experiences and discuss alternative solutions to challenges you may be facing and learn about different strategies.

Long-term awareness

We want to ensure that the key messages about child sexual exploitation are delivered to a wide audience, who can then keep informed and go on to share the message with others.

Read how one of our original Pace Champions, Ann Page raised awareness about CSE in her local area – training over 500 teachers and school staff.

If you are ready to be a champion for Pace, get in touch.