Post from a parent

My wife and I only have great things to say about this wonderful charity.

During the aftermath of our daughter being the victim of child sexual exploitation and then whilst she has been kept safe in an appropriate psychological/therapeutic/educational care home Pace have provided us with our own advocate which has been the most amazing help to us.

The lady concerned, Leah Taylforth, has visited us on a weekly basis and has insisted on always being at the end of the telephone for us.

She has sometimes just listened to us, she has watched us get upset and then been there to comfort us and she has explained in details to us the reasons for may different aspects of CSE including our child’s behaviours, our reactions, the protocol and processes of Social Services and the actions taken by the management of the care home.

We have also been helped to make the right decisions in this harrowing process and Leah has politely but strongly advised us when she thought we were making incorrect assumptions, conclusions or judgements.  Everything has always been explained to us clearly and concisely.

As well as being a shoulder to cry on, Leah also accompanies us to the various meetings we have to attend and always subtly leads us, encourages us or correct us during our conversations and possible disagreements.  She also takes on board all our views and feelings and once the three of us have agreed a plan or maybe a possible complaint or query then she will take responsibility for the plan and email the relevant people and make sure the particular subject is dealt with to its conclusion.

It is amazing help to have this personal support.  Due to disruption, worry and angst that we have experienced there are days when it is difficult to maintain a clear head.  It is also sometimes difficult to deal with this subject without ram emotion.  Leah encourages and helps us to do both these things.

It is also a massive relief to be able to speak to somebody with such experience, knowledge and understanding of this subject.  It really is an issue that nearly all people do not know about, understand or want to talk about.  We are lucky to have many loving family members and friends, but even the best of these people, not for the want of trying, struggle to help us, either practically or emotionally.  Therefore, actually discussing this subject with somebody who actually totally gets it is a major plus for us.

We also have to prepare for when our daughter returns to us which, although will be fantastic, will be a worrying and stressful time.  Just praying that between us we have ‘broken the chain’ from the horrible perpetrators and hoping that our daughter can settle back into normal family life we know will be difficult.  After everything I have said it won’t surprise you that Pace have already started to help us prepare for this!

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