Child sexual exploitation – the impact it has on families from a parent’s perspective

Learn about the impact of abuse from a parent of a sexually abused child and a CSE survivor, and the most appropriate methods of support and engagement.

This workshop will increase your understanding of:


  • the pressures of living with CSE
  • the perpetrator’s interventions
  • family breakdown
  • the educational impact for the child
  • the long term health implications as a result of prolonged trauma
  • the criminalisation of children and the impact victim blaming had on the survivors’ life
  • how to work alongside and support affected parents to help keep their child safe


Pace will introduce the seminar by sharing their relational safeguarding model and practical guidance on how to engage and support parents affected by CSE.

Learning Outcomes

– Understand more about the challenges faced by parents and carers affected by CSE
– Take away the latest guidance on working on affected families.

Who is this course for?

Professionals working with CSE



£25 per delegate (plus £2.54 booking fee)

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