Our child exploitation training for professionals is informed by our 23 years’ of working one-to-one with parents of exploited children. This training programme covers sexual exploitation, child criminalisation (county lines), modern slavery and radicalisation.

We have a full programme of learning and training opportunities which can be tailored to your needs. A recently launched webinar series will provide you with current insights and evidence from our front-line experts in safeguarding children from child exploitation. For the interactive learner, our new County Lines e-learning course will develop your understanding about how children are criminally exploited into gangs across England.


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Online Learning

Visit our new Pace Learning Portal where we have available to purchase a series of webinars and e-learning courses for you to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding to safeguard children from sexual and criminal exploitation.

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Foundation Child Exploitation Training

Gain an understanding about child sexual exploitation, county lines and child criminal exploitation, how children are groomed, how perpetrators use social media, what signs to look out for and what appropriate action to take.
Course length: 1 day
Cost: £55
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Advanced Child Exploitation Course (ACE)

Gain an in-depth understanding about child sexual exploitation, county lines / criminal exploitation and radicalisation, understand the impact of trauma, key legislation, contextual and relational safeguarding and how child exploitation impacts victims and their families.
Course length: 2 days
Cost: £275 / £375
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Disrupt, Investigate, Protect and Prosecute Course

Our 1 day course provides an insight into how legislation can be used to protect children from being exploited, what tactics the police use to investigate offenders and the process involved in prosecution.
Course length: 1 day
Cost: £60 / £90
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Level 4 Accredited Award in CSE (ACSEP)

Gain an extensive understanding about child sexual exploitation, the impact of trauma, how to work effectively with victims and their families, disruption tactics, legislation, how to use contextual and relational safeguarding approaches, how to support families through the court process, how to work effectively in multi-agency teams and online exploitation.
Course length: 9 days
Cost: £600 / £900
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