Pace Schools Programme

Would you like to improve the way your school understands and responds to child exploitation? We can equip your teaching staff with the skills and confidence to respond safely and effectively to child sexual and criminal exploitation.

As the leading provider of child exploitation training, we bring insight from directly supporting affected families, an evidenced-based, family-centred safeguarding model and over 20 years of experience working alongside schools, communities and parents to keep children safe.

Foundation Child Exploitation Training

Our flagship course for schools combines best practice, current legislation and a practical toolkit to enable staff to prevent, de-escalate and respond to child exploitation. We are now offering this course through an interactive online setting with live presenters which can be tailored to suit your schools needs.

“This training was absolutely invaluable. It highlighted clearly the signs of exploitation and more importantly what to do about it to protect children and young people.” Assistant Principle

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We have a variety of interactive online e-learning courses that your school and parent community can access.

  • Keep them Safe is a fantastic resource, a free 20 minute e-learning course developed to raise awareness about child sexual exploitation.
  • Level 1 Child Criminal Exploitation & County Lines is our new e-learning course designed to improve understanding and awareness about how children can be criminally exploited into County Lines
  • Pace Webinar Series has been produced to provide an insight into child exploitation by our top trainers.

Get in touch with our training team to find out about how we can work in partnership with your school.