Volunteer Befrienders (UK wide)

Befriending is:

“A voluntary mutually supportive relationship in which an individual gives time and support to another to enable them to make changes in their life “

Role description

To provide emotional support to parents who are, or have been engaged with, Pace support and who have been affected by CSE. This support is to offer a listening ear thereby increasing resilience and decreasing isolation.

The volunteer befriending role offers parents and carers additional face-to-face or telephone support. This role enables parents to offload and have a sounding board for any difficult feelings that they are experiencing.

All of our volunteers are vetted and attend a robust two-day volunteer induction programme.

Befrienders need empathic listening skills. This involves the befriender fully engaging themselves into an active listening role in order to support the parent. Parents may at times be distressed and you will need to be skilled in dealing with people in this situation.

Befrienders undertaking a support role need to both understand and respect a parent’s journey with their child through CSE. This involves a non-judgmental approach towards parents and what they have experienced.

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