Working alongside parents seminar with NWG

The Parent Action Group within Pace and the NWG co-hosted the first ‘Working Alongside Parents Seminar’ in May. Bringing together agencies and partners across the UK, including parents, community organisations, police and support services, this event formed a co-productive approach to CSE with all its challenges.

Parents shared candidly and courageously their lived experience. What does CSE look like from the inside and what insights can parents offer agencies and supporters to tackle this life shattering crime? What is the real impact for whole families? Energetic and engaged discussion were had across all the key issues thrown up by CSE. The event was defined by a mutual respect and shared purpose in finding solutions faced by families and agencies.

Discussions were had around groups and the risks they pose versus the lifeline they offer, particularly of peer support and reducing isolation for parents and families. Pace’s Parent Liaison Team gave examples of their work and the huge benefit in working in partnership with families. Empower offered a presentation exploring diversity and got us all challenging any assumptions we may have come with.

The Parent Action Group are holding an Open Meeting on Saturday 8th July to bring affected parents together to work collectively to tackle CSE. If you are an affected parent and would like more information about this meeting, please contact Emily Godfrey, Parent Participation Co-ordinator for further details.

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